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BARIGO Precision Barometer BARIGO Precision Barometer
Case Ø 180mm Dial Ø 120mm Twin cells Temperature compensated Max. error 1hPa Polished brass casing Including certificate and type approval
€545.00 *
BARIGO Baro-Thermometer BARIGO Baro-Thermometer
Combined baro- and thermometer display Case Ø 150mm Dial Ø 100mm Polished brass casing
€225.00 *
BARIGO Thermo-Hygrometer BARIGO Thermo-Hygrometer
Combined thermo- and hygrometer display Dial Ø 150mm Dial Ø 100mm Brass polished housing
€207.00 *
BARIGO felt tip pen BARIGO felt tip pen
Felt tip pen For all BARIGO Barographs Approx. 1 year duration
€25.00 *
BARIGO recording paper BARIGO recording paper
Barograph paper/diagrams For all BARIGO Barographs 53 sheets for 1 year
€34.00 *
Pendulum Clinometer in brass casing Pendulum Clinometer in brass casing
Pointer damping Polished brass housing Set-up Only for inside use Flange Ø 150mm Scale Ø 115mm Height 45mm
€118.00 *
BARIGO barometer BARIGO barometer
Compact housing Easy to read dial Total diameter: 150mm Dial diameter: 90mm Material: polished brass
€96.50 *
LUFFT Hair-Hygrometer LUFFT Hair-Hygrometer
For measuring air humidity Measuring range 0 to 100% Measuring accuracy +/- 3 % at 30 to 95% relative humidity 1° scale division Ø 150mm Chrome-plated housing Mineral glass cover
€135.00 *
BARIGO Marine Barograph BARIGO Marine Barograph
Mahagoni/Brass 4 or 8 chambers Stylus damping Optionally with gold-plated or chromed metal parts
€1,276.00 *