TRUEcourse Course Monitor

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  • Analog band display and digital output of magnetic or true heading
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Automatic transfer of the variation
  • Automatic testing of the input signals
  • Display for built-in installation
  • Accuracy better than +/-0,5°.
  • GL approval in combination with binnacles
  • 19710
  • Ready to ship appr. 1-3 workdays,
    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays


TMHD or electronic course transmission for calculation, display and output of the true north-pointing magnetic compass course. Requirement is a conventional magnetic compass with electronic NMEA data readout as well as a GPS receiver with data output for local variation.

The NMEA output data of the true course can be directly compared with the gyro and satellite compass and can be used for north stabilization of the radar.

In case of a failure of the GPS position fix, the TRUEcourse automatically switches to the original magnetic compass course. The position declination can also be entered manually.

A unique feature is a graphical recording of both the true and the magnetic heading of the last 2 hours, optionally over a 24 hour period.

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