NEMAcourse Analog Heading Display

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  • Analog display of digital NMEA course data
  • Display by analog 160mm compass rose
  • Magnetic or True (gyro and satellite compass)
  • Accuracy better than +/-0,5°.
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Automatic input signal testing
  • Built-in device
  • MED approval in combination with REFLECTA/1, 2 und 3

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NEMA display
  • 195600

The analog NEMAcourse is used for the analog display of the digital NMEA course data from an extra required magnetic compass (mag) or gyro or satellite compass (true) and NMEA course converter (NETcourse, not included).

The display is made by a rotating analog compass rose with 160mm diameter. The data transmission rate can be set to 10 or 30 times per second.

The digital data input is according to IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 183A). Furthermore, the device meets the requirements of IEC 60945 (EMC, Environmental, M/C safe distance). The front panel is IP54 protected and the rear IP22. The power consumption is 12 watts.

In addition to an automatic check of the input signals, an optical alarm is given when the main or emergency voltage is undershot. Switching from main to emergency voltage is done automatically.

Magnetic: To display the magnetic course, in combination with a magnetic compass and NMEA course converter (NETcourse).

True: To display the true course, in combination with a gyro or GPS compass and NMEA course converter (NETcourse).

Colour: Black
Display type: analog
MED certification: Available