CAMcourse Video Remote Reading

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  • Video remote reading for magnetic compasses
  • For binnacles or overhead compasses
  • Well readable card picture
  • 17.5 cm TFT monitor with 320x240 pixels
  • Dimmable display
  • Built-in device
  • Second display available as optional accessory
  • No transmission errors
  • 199200


Due to the magnetic influence, the compass binnacle on the top deck is at a sufficient distance from interfering magnetic iron and other magnetic field sources. According to IMO, the reading at the steering position in the wheelhouse is made without electricity with the reflection tube. Lenses and mirrors mounted in this tube enlarge the rose image accordingly. This technology is demanding and reaches its limits with longer transmission lengths.

Where national regulations also allow the use of electronic means of transmission, CAMcourse can be used. A camera on the compass in the compass binnacle reads the course and transmits it to a monitor that can be mounted at a suitable location on the helmstand. The camera can be easily mounted in any Cassens & Plath compass binnacle. A modified camera reading can also be used on overhead compasses. On the monitor CAMcourse can be switched on/off and the picture brightness can be adjusted. In the event of a main power failure, the supply is automatically switched to the emergency power supply. The device is designed as a remote reading for magnetic compass binnacles instead of the reflecting tube and complies with IEC 60945.

The CAMcourse is also available for overhead compasses. Here the camera is mounted above the compass with the help of a mirror device.

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