SENSOcourse Off-Heading Alarm

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  • Independent course monitoring
  • Monitors a course data with previously stored course data
  • Combinable with NMEA course data transmitter (NETcourse)
  • Can be combined with courseCOMPARATOR
  • Accuracy better than +/-0.1°.
  • Optical & acoustic alarm
  • General Alarm Output
  • Built-in device
  • Course difference Default setting (5°-30°)
  • MED approval
  • 198005
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    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays


According to IMO regulations, seagoing vessels under autopilot must have independent course monitoring. The SENSOcourse compares an NMEA course data set (e.g. from a magnetic or gyro compass) with a previously stored course and triggers a visual & audible as well as general alarm if the difference is greater than the preset value. If an off-heading alarm is additionally required, the courseCOMPARATOR can be used. The two devices can also be combined. The device meets the requirements of IEC 60945 (EMC, Enviromental, M/C safe distance). The front panel is IP44 protected and the rear IP22.

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