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Shipping weight up to: 13 kg
  • As bearing / reflection compass or steering compass
  • For REFLECTA/1
  • As ceiling and table compasses
  • Card print north under north
  • Card Ø 180mm

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  • 32011A
  • Ready to ship appr. 1-3 workdays,
    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays

The TYPE/11 bearing/reflection compass is suitable for the use in our REFLECTA/1 binnacle as well as BEARING BINNACLE/180.

The graduated scale ring and the centre pivot on the upper cover glass allows bearings to be taken by means of an azimuth device (available as an extra).

The TYPE/11 steering compass is suitable for use as a ceiling and table top compass.

The card diameter of the TYPE/11 is 180mm (7 ½").

Weight: 13,0 kg
Dimensions (mm): 255 x 315 x 345 x 115
Real card Ø: 180 mm