Overhead Binnacle/160

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  • For coastal navigation
  • With TYPE/21 steering compass (Ø 160mm)
  • Card height: 70cm
  • Space-saving


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The OVERHEAD BINNACLE/160 is equipped with a TYPE/21 steering compass, which is gimbal-mounted. In order to gain sufficient distance to magnetic interference fields, it is mounted in a binnacle housing on the top deck.

The binnacle is covered with a removable hood (without aperture). The height of the card above deck is 70cm. The card is illuminated with a 24V lighting element from the top. The card diameter of the TYPE/21 is 160mm (6 ½").

The cardanic is available for either longitudinal or transverse gimbal direction.

Furthermore, the OVERHEAD BINNACLE is available as a direct view or with mirror reading (mirror and lens).

The OVERHEAD BINNACLE/160 is approved for coastal navigation.