Sling type psychrometer

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  • Incl. hygrometric table
  • Incl. bag
  • To determine
    • Relative humidity
    • Temperature
  • Measuring range
    • 0-100%
    • -5° to +50°C
  • Spare wick
  • Dimensions: 230x50 mm
    • Armlength 220 mm
    • Weight 200g
  • 654332
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    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays


The Zeal Whirling Hygrometer Sling Psychrometer offers the maximum level of accuracy for the measurement of relative humidity utilising wet and dry bulb Red Spirit filled thermometers.  The unit incorporates a water reservoir linked to the wet bulb by the means of a cotton sleeve. The Humidity is calculated using a water-soaked cotton sleeve at the bulb of the wet-bulb thermometer, how quickly the water evaporates alters the temperature of the wet-bulb thermometer. Using the specialist chart included allows you to calculate the relative humidity.


Measures Humidity through the measurement of air temperature

  • Mercury free


Temperature range: -5 to +50°C to calculate the %RH


  • Humidity: +-5%
  • Temperature: +- 1oC


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