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  • Tilting of the Sextant can be recognized immediately
  • For Subsequent mounting
  • For all Cassens & Plath sextants with full-view mirror


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The vertical level consists of a glas prism, which can be mounted subsequently.

In case of tilting the sextant the horizon that is visible through the prism is not in line with the real horizon.

Error by tilting of the sextant

This error is approximate 7nm at a tilt of 5° and a star height of 45°.

1)   To avoid this, the sextant was previously swivelled around the
telescope axis. The star describes an arc above the horizon.
The lowest point of this arc is the correct height.


2)   The vertical reference is a glass prism. When the sextant is tilted,
the horizon line seen through the prism appears offset from that seen directly.
The measurement is correct when the horizon passes through the field of view without step/offset.

Colour: Black, White
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