Rough Case

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  • Perfectly fitting foam inlet for Cassens & Plath sextants
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Floating

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If you have a neck strap we can prepare a cutout in the foam inlet for storage means

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The Rough Case protects your Cassens & Plath sextant in all situations on board. The sextant fits perfectly into a foam inlet and is ideal for frequent users.

Due to its waterproof, shock-resistant and buoyant construction, the sextant will survive even a fall into the water without damage. The signal yellow colour also guarantees quick retrieval.

Please note: The 6 x 30mm telescope as well as the artificial horizon do not fit together with the sextant in the Rough Case. Here we recommend the wooden case, in which an additional holder is attached.

Technical Data

Water protected: Yes
Colour: Signal yellow




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