Navigation hand plotter

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  • Readability of the compass heading
  • Total error scale up to 40° east and west
  • Turntable with 360° scale
  • 2 plastic handles
  • Dimensions 380 x 120mm
  • 809781
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  • The core of the plotter is the total error scale up to 40 ° east or west (1 ° division), it allows the readability of the compass course on the central turntable under consideration of deviation and declination.
  • 360° dial (1° graduation) with clear north arrow; the inner area contains vertical and horizontal lines at 5 mm intervals for exact north alignment of the dial on the nautical chart
  • 2 attached plastic handles (Ø 10 x 10 mm), which ensure good turnability of the disc even in cold weather with wet hands
  • 2 different scales on the long sides, an inch/units scale up to 14 inch (0.1 inch graduation) and a cm/mm scale up to 36 cm (1 mm graduation) for reading boat speeds and distances
  • Conspicuous orange arrow "Course Bearing" for aligning the plotter on the nautical chart in the direction of travel
  • 3 cut-outs with approx. 9 mm square-, triangle- and circle-symbols as a drawing aid when plotting on the nautical chart
  • Dimensions of the plotter 380 x 120 mm, material transparent Plexiglas 3 mm, with 8 knobs on the bottom side to protect the nautical chart