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The Cassens & Plath surveying sextant with the 4x40 scope is used for geodetic horizontal angle measurements. It is a normal drum sextant without shadow glasses and illumination. It is equipped with the traditional split-view mirror.

The usual measuring range of the sextant from -5° to 125° is extended by 90° by attaching a pentagonal prism. This results in a total measuring range of up to 215°.

An additional vertical handle and a tripod adapter are included in delivery. The pentaprism in its brass frame with adjustment screws is locked on the sextant with a bayonet lock. It snaps into two measuring positions.

The measuring sextant is stowed in a wooden case. It contains separate holders for the pentaprism and the vertical handle.


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Sextant frame

Horizon mirrors

Construction of a sextant

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Technical Data

Colour: Black
Scope: 4x40
Horizon mirror: Split-view
Astigmatizing lens: Without
POL filtre: Without
Double prism: Without
Neck strap: Without
Non-slip legs: Without
Index error adjustment: Without
Dip adjustment: Without
Memory foil: Without
Engraving: Without
Lighting: Without
Pentagonal Prism: With
BSH type approval: Without
Frame material: Brass
Measurement accuracy: +/-10“
Case: Wooden case
Weight: 1,80 kg
Weight incl. case: 5,50 kg
Case dimension (mm): Wooden case 320 x 365 x 185


Scope of delivery

  • Sextant
  • Wooden case
  • Mirror adjustment key
  • Towl for cleaning optical parts
  • Brush
  • Operating instructions
  • Quality certificate