SESTREL Navigator Surface mount

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  • Binnacle / Set-up type
  • 186mm diameter
  • Apparent card diameter: 135mm
  • Black or white body
  • Black card with 5° division
  • 24V/12V Illumination

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  • 35111b
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Aluminium alloy binnacle and bezel. All other parts are injection moulded in Polycarbonate / ABS blend Polymer.


B & C correction built in on both Well-Fit & Binnacle versions. Heeling correction pockets included (user to provide magnets). Quadrantal Correction (QC) kit available as an option for Binnacle version.


2 x red LED with built-in drive circuit allowing connection to 12V or 24V D.C. boat supply.

Colour: Black, White
Weight: 2,5 kg
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