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Shipping weight up to: 4 kg
  • With or without cardanic suspension
  • Relative bearings
  • Compass bearings
  • GL certification for PELOUS SEA (with cardanic)
  • Deck shoes
  • Brass


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The Pelorus is used for relative bearings and compass bearings. The rotatable brass degree scale has a diameter of 160 mm and a full-circle degree marking. Same can be locked to adjust the compass course.

A hinged sight vane on the objective side and a fixed slit vane on the observer side are used for taking bearings. In addition, a shadow pin for insertion into the centrepiece is included in the scope of delivery. Two deck shoes allow the pelorus to be attached quickly and safely at different bearing locations.

The Pelorus SEA (with cardanic) is GL certified according to ISO 25862, IEC 60945

Technical Data

Colour: Black, Brass
Material: Brass

Scope of delivery