SIGMA Bracket mount

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  • Dimensions: 250 x 180 x 170 mm
  • Suspension: Fully gimballed
  • Apparent card: Ø 125mm
  • Rolling tolerance: +/- 180°
  • Pitching tolerance: +/- 180°
  • Incl. illumination element
  • Available compensation: B+C,


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The SIGMA model is a steering and bearing compass, which is suitable for use on larger yachts. A typical installation location is the sliding hatch or garage, so that a reading can be made from the steering position. The compass itself can be removed from the mounting plate, e.g. to stow it safely below deck. The mounting plate already includes B+C and K (heeling compensations). A mounting plate without compensation is also available as an accessory for this purpose.

With the supplied shadow or bearing pin an astronomical deviation check can be carried out. An azimuth device is available as an accessory for the SIGMA model.


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Compass card system


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Mounting: Surface
Available correctors: B+C mounted, Heeling (K)
Colour: Black, White
Compass card: Black, 5° division
MED certification: x
Suspension: Fully gimballed
Detector mounting: x
Housing material: Brass
Dome material: Plastic
Magnetic moment: 0,90 Am²
Swing period: 13,5 seconds
Swirl error: 1,7°
Damping: 3,4
Magnetic system: Ring
Apparent card Ø: 125 mm
Real card Ø: 100 mm
Friction error: < 0,5°
Directional error: < 0,5°
Pitching tolerance: +/- 180°
Rolling tolerance: +/- 180°
Temperature range: -30° bis +60°C
Weight: 5,2 kg
Dimensions (mm): 180 x 250 x 170
  • 1 x SIGMA Compass
  • 1 x illumination element