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Shipping information
Shipping weight up to: 3 kg
  • Total/Flange Ø: 155.5mm
  • Apparent card: Ø 120mm
  • Rolling tolerance: +/- 45°
  • Pitching tolerance: +/- 60°
  • Suitable for sailing boats, yachts, motor boats and life boats (R2°)
  • Applicable for different mounting options
  • Extremely shock-resistant for the use on life boats
  • Very well suited for high speeds
  • MED (Wheelmark) certified (Except MERKUR R2° - TYP 2631)

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The C.Plath compasses of the MERKUR series are universal compasses, which is that are suitable for use on yachts of all sizes. Except of the MERKUR R2° Typ 2631 all models are MED certified (Wheelmark).

Technical Data

Mounting: Flush, Bulkhead, Oblique
Colour: Black
Lighting: selectable
Total/Flange Ø: 155,5 mm
Compass card: Black, 5° division, Black, 2° division
MED certification: With
Suspension: Fully gimballed
Detector mounting: Without
Housing material: Aluminium
Dome material: Mineral glass
Swirl error: <2°
Apparent card Ø: 120 mm
Friction error: ≤ 1,0°
Directional error: ≤ 1,0°
Pitching tolerance: +/- 60°
Rolling tolerance: unlimited
Temperature range: -30° bis +60°C
Weight: 1,6 kg
Dimensions (mm): Various

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x C.Plath MERKUR Compass