T12/1 Flush mount

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  • Total/Flange Ø: 208mm
  • Suspension: Spring
  • Apparent card: Ø 130mm
  • Rolling tolerance: +/- 35°
  • Pitching tolerance: +/- 35°
  • Incl. illumination element
  • Available compensation: B+C, D, K
  • With MED certification (Wheelmark)

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The T12 steering compass is designed for use on fast moving boats. The compass is especially designed against shock and vibration due to the additional spring-mounted inner bowl. The T12 can also be combined with compass binnacles, reflector reading device as well as electronic compensation coils.

A mounted B+C compensation (accessory) is recommended for all compass models.



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Compass card system


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Available correctors: B+C mounted, D, Heeling (K)
Mounting: Flush
Colour: Black
Lighting: selectable
Total/Flange Ø: 208 mm
Compass card: White, 2° division
MED certification: Available
Suspension: Spring suspension
Detector mounting: x
Housing material: Brass
Dome material: Mineral glass
Magnetic moment: 0,90 Am²
Swing period: 10 seconds
Swirl error: 1,4°
Damping: 3,2
Magnetic system: Ring
Apparent card Ø: 130 mm
Real card Ø: 100 mm
Friction error: < 0,5°
Directional error: < 0,5°
Pitching tolerance: +/- 35°
Rolling tolerance: +/- 35°
Temperature range: -30° bis +60°C
Weight: 9,0 kg
Dimensions (mm): 240 x 190



  • 1 x T12/1 Compass
  • 1 x illumination element
T12/2 Surface mount T12/2 Surface mount
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