Cassens & Plath Azimuth devices

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  • For reflector and bearing compasses
  • Relative & compass bearings
  • Foldable
  • In plastic case
  • Made of high-quality brass
  • Certified according to ISO25862 and IEC60945


  • 140000
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    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays


The foldable azimuth device with hinged wire and slit sight vane fits on our reflector and bearing compasses (size 160 or 180).

The device has a black mirror for sun observations. The reading of the relative bearing on the compass' degree ring is done by index marks on both ends of the azimuth device.

The index wire is used to read the compass card when taking compass bearings. A shadow pin for insertion into the centre piece of the compass is also included in the scope of delivery.

The azimuth device is certified according to ISO25862 and IEC60945.

The instrument is safely stowed in a plastic box supplied.

Type 180

for TYPE/11 und TYPE/12 compasses

Type 160

for TYPE/21 compasses

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