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  • Reflection compass binnacle
  • For optical arrangement from 3-7 meters
  • Certificate/approvals for worldwide use
  • Standard card height 1.200mm
  • Or individual card height
  • With TYPE/12 reflection/bearing compass (card Ø 180mm)
  • Azimuth device included
  • Optical by-pass with up to 6 meters length

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The REFLECTA/2 is a compass binnacle specially designed for long reflector tubes and horizontal deflections longer than 2 metres. It fulfils all important national and international regulations and is approved for worldwide use. Included are:

  • Reflection compass
  • Bearing device
  • Reflection tube
  • all necessary correctors
  • lighting
  • emergency lighting
  • mounting material

If no deflection is required or only with a length of less than 2 metres, the use of REFLECTA/1 is recommended.


Is required as an extra if the helm position is not directly below the compass position.

The horizontal deflection channel can be up to 6 m, the total length of the optical transmission from the base up to 7 m. If the horizontal section is shorter than 2 metres and the total length is shorter than 3.5 metres, REFLECTA/1

is used. The deflection channel can be orientated forward, aft, transverse or in any intermediate direction. The view must be in front of the helm position. The deflection is customised to the bridge construction.

Height of the binnacle

The compass binnacle can be supplied in different lengths depending on the radius of the iron clearance zone. The standard rose height is 1200 mm.

It can be customised to 910 or 1800 mm.


  • MED EC
  • DNV-GL
  • ISO25862
  • USCG
  • LR
  • ABS

Technical Data

MED certification: With
Azimuth: With

Scope of delivery

Aluminium alloy compass binnacle with seawater-resistant metal fittings 

  • Access flaps for illumination, reflective optics and compensation
  • 4x slotted holes in the base for A-correction
  • Lower ring mounted with 1 pair of PTFE bearings
  • Bonnet without insight
  • Electrical lighting with terminal box, E14/40W lamp, 230 VAC or as onboard main voltage.
  • Electrical emergency lighting as above, 24 VDC or as onboard emergency voltage
  • Set of deck fastenings, consisting of: 4 bolts M16, 4
  • cover plates with rubber backing, 4 nuts
  • 2x large D-balls (Ø 180 mm) made of malleable cast iron with index mark, M16 bolts, on D-brackets with distance scale
  • 3x pockets (in column) with 6x B+C magnets (Ø10 mm x 200 mm)
  • K-magnet and K-tube in pedestal, mounted with numbered adjustment chain, 1 magnet 125 mm, 1 magnet 50 mm
  • Type plate with model number, approval

Optical device with reflection tube 

  • Lenses and lens holders, customised to reflector tube length
  • Deck bushing between upright and deflection channel, customised
  • Reflection tube, customised length, Ø125 mm, with rectangular mounting flange for screwing onto the deflection channel
  • Flange for covering the cut-out in the ceiling or ceiling panelling
  • Mirror head on reflector tube, Ø140 mm, 360° horizontally rotatable, with day and night mirror on 2 star handles, vertically swivelling

Reflection compass TYPE/12 

  • Rose system Ø 180 mm
  • 1° graduation for optical reading from below
  • North under south rose print
  • 2x steering lines
  • Cover ring graduation 1°
  • Centre piece for bearing attachment
  • Gimbal ring with bearing bushes
  • MED certificate


Bearing device for compass TYPE/12

  • Swivelling slit and thread sighting index lines
  • Swivelling azimuth mirror (black) for vertical measuring range -5° to +130°
  • Shadow pencil
  • Stowed in the box