Star astigmatizing lens

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  • Expands the point-shaped celestial object to a horizontal line
  • For all horizon mirrors
  • For Cassens & Plath sextants only
  • For subsequent mounting

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  • 43000s

The star astigmatizing glass expands the point-shaped star into a horizontal light bar. In addition, an inclination of the sextant is immediately visible.

The glass can be attached to the sextants as the 5th glass in index direction and can be used with all horizon mirrors.

It can also be retrofitted by the user to all Cassens & Plath sextants.

Full view without astigmatizing lens
Full view with astigmatizing lens (without inclination) Full view with astigmatizing lens (with inclination)


Additional information:

Star-spreading glass (astigmatizing lens)

Colour: Black, White