Star astigmatizing lens

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  • Expands the point-shaped celestial object to a horizontal line
  • For all horizon mirrors
  • For Cassens & Plath sextants only
  • For subsequent mounting

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  • 43000s


The star astigmatizing lens spreads the point-shaped celestial body to a horizontal bar. In addition, a tilt of the sextant is immediately detected.

The star astigmatizing lens can be attached to the sextant as a 5th glass in index direction and can be used with all horizon mirrors.

The glass can be easily retrofitted to all Cassens & Plath sextants.

Full view without astigmatizing lens

Full view with astigmatizing lens

(without tilting)

Full view with astigmatizing lens

(with tilting)

Sextant-Vollsicht-ohne-SSG Sextant-gerade Sextant-geneigt


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Star astigmatizing lens

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Colour: Black, White


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