4x40 Scope

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  • 4 x 40
  • Black or white
  • Easy to attach

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  • 44000s


The 4x40 prism telescope is the standard telescope for sextants.

It has a high luminous intensity for twilight observations and a lower magnification for a steady image. It also has sufficient magnification for terrestrial horizontal angle measurements.

The telescope can be easily attached to the sextant and exchanged by a clamping screw. As a second telescope it can be safely stored in our wooden case with the help of an optional mounting block.

Technical Data

Colour: Black, White
Scope: 4x40
Optical principle: Galilei
Field of vision: 130/1000m (or 7,5°)
Exit pupil: 10 mm
Geometric luminous intensity: 100
Length: 105 mm
Weight: 0,15 kg




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