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Shipping weight up to: 2.2 kg
  • Traditional flat top lifeboat compass
  • Perfect also as a gift!
  • With 2° division
  • Meets ISO25862 specification
  • Card Ø 160mm
  • Incl. wooden case

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    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays


The TYPE/51 compass is suitable for use in lifeboats. The rose diameter of the TYPE/51 is 100mm. A wooden storage box and a compass housing with oil lamp are available as optional accessories.

Technical Data

Colour: Black, Brass, White
Compass card: White, 2° division, White, 5° division
MED certification: Without
Suspension: Half gimballed
Housing material: Brass
Magnetic moment: 0,70 Am²
Swing period: 10 seconds
Swirl error: <2°
Magnetic system: Ring
Apparent card Ø: 100 mm
Real card Ø: 100 mm
Friction error: < 0,5°
Directional error: < 0,5°
Pitching tolerance: +/-10°
Rolling tolerance: +/-10°
Weight: 2,0 kg


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