Service & Repair

Since we manufacture our magnetic compasses and sextants ourselves and also produce small parts, we can offer and carry out service and repairs even for older instruments if required. The procedure is as follows:

For a clear identification of your device we recommend to send us photos in advance. Based on the photos we can already give a rough estimate of the expected repair costs. With our reply you will receive a repair form, which you fill out and send to us together with your device.

Our workshop will inspect the device in detail upon receipt and we can send you a more detailed cost estimate. After you have confirmed our cost estimate, we will start with the repair work.

For our magnetic compasses, we will always replace wear and tear parts such as the pivot, jewel, rubber gasket and the fluid as standard. After service, each compass is tested in the cold chamber and on the test bench - and a new quality certificate is issued. We can only provide service for our compass models.

In addition to our sextant models, we can also offer service for sextants from other manufacturers - but usually only to a limited extent. For our sextant models we can perform a complete cleaning of the frame, replacement or repair of individual components and subsequent adjustment and testing on our test bench. After successful testing your sextant will receive a new quality certificate issued by Cassens & Plath.

In any case we ask you to contact us in advance so we can check if a repair of your device is feasible and if it is worthwhile in terms of expected costs.