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  • Reflection compass binnacle
  • For total optical arrangement up to 3 meters
  • For coastal navigation only
  • Standard card height 650mm
  • With TYPE/21 steering compass (card Ø 160mm)
  • Reflection tube as CUTUBE or FIXTUBE
  • Optionally with optical by-pass with up to 2 meters length

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CUTUBE = 1200mm (Standard length, cut by yard)

FIXTUBE =Prefabricated according to dimension sheet


If a horizontal by-pass is selected, we require a filled dimension sheet

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  • 101400
  • Ready to ship appr. 1-3 workdays,
    Delivery time appr. 7-14 workdays


The REFLECTA/4 is a reflective compass system for smaller vehicles for navigation in coastal areas (not for deep-sea navigation). All essential components are included (see scope of delivery).

The standard rose card height of the stand is 650mm.

The reflector tube is an optical device underneath the compass stand, which is used to read the course on the steering sand. The reading is made possible with the help of integrated lenses and mirrors.

Instead of the vertical reflection tube, a horizontal deflection channel with a maximum length of 2 metres can also be used (total length of optical transmission up to 3 metres). A deflection is necessary if the helm position is not directly below the compass position.

In the REFLECTA/4, the TYPE/21 magnetic compass (steering compass) with a rose diameter of 160 mm is used. The main compass is already included in the scope of delivery.

CUTUBE: If the dimensions of the reflector tube are not known, a tube length of 1,000mm is recommended, which can then be shortened accordingly by the customer on site.

FIXTUBE: If the dimensions are already known before delivery, the reflective tube can be cut to the final length by us. For this purpose, you will receive a measurement sheet from us, which must be completed by the customer.

The following are necessary accessories, but are not included in the scope of delivery:

  • Flinder's bar
  • TYPE/21 Spare compass
  • Wooden storage box

The following optional accessories are available:

  • Horizontal deflection channel (up to 2 metres)
  • Various lighting dimmers
  • Lashing rods
  • Brackets for probes
  • Electronic course indicator

Technical Data

Azimuth: Without

Scope of delivery

  • Compass binnacle (AlMg3 alloy)
  • Lower ring with PTFE bearings
  • Bonnet without insight
  • Lighting
  • Set of deck fixings
  • 2 x D-balls and brackets incl. bolts
  • 3 x pockets with 6 x B+C magnets in the stand
  • K-magnet and K-tube in the stand
  • Reflection tube incl. lenses and mirrors
  • 1 x flange cover
  • Pull-out device for mirror head
  • Mirror head on extension tube
  • TYPE/21 Reflection/directional compass (roses Ø 160mm)