Artificial Navigation Horizon

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  • Suitable for navigation means
  • For observations without visible horizon
  • For practice purposes
  • For all Cassens & Plath sextants with illumination
  • Easy to attach
  • BSH Type approved

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The artificial navigation horizon is suitable for measuring the celestial altitude with the sextant without horizon view. For example at night, ground fog, sailing under land or for land navigation. It is also very well suited for training purposes.

The device can also be used as a normal sextant telescope and is suitable for attachment to all Cassens & Plath sextants with illumination, as the horizon requires a power supply. The artificial horizon can easily be exchanged for the normal sextant telescope due to the clamping screw - no adjustment is necessary.

The principle is a bubble level inserted into the optical beam path. A crosshair and the bubble appear in front of a red illuminated background. A dimmer enables the brightness to be optimally adjusted to the external lighting conditions. An additional shadow glass can be attached to the lens for sun observation.

The device is approved for commercial shipping under the number BSH/047/01/78.

Please note: The 6 x 30mm telescope as well as the artificial horizon do not fit together with the sextant in the Rough Case. Here we recommend the wooden case, in which an additional holder is attached.

Suitable for

  • PROFESSIONAL with illumination
Colour: Black, White
BSH type approval: With
Dimensions (mm): 35 x 95 x 35
Weight: 0,19 kg



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