BOBBY SCHENK Astro Classic

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This sextant was developed in cooperation with the world-famous yachtsman Bobby Schenk.

The frame’s white color prevents it from excessive heating when navigating in tropical regions. Nevertheless it is also available in classic black.

Equipped with a full-view-mirror, this model is perfectly suited for sun and twilight observation.

In addition, there is a scale on the drum screw with which the index error can be adjusted. This index error adjustment on the sextant was developed by Bobby Schenk.

A light plastic case is included with this model.


More information:

Sextant frame

Horizon mirrors

Index error adjustment

Construction of a sextant

Service & Repair


Colour: Black
Scope: 4x40
Horizon mirror: Full-view
Astigmatizing lens: x
POL filtre: x
Double prism: x
Neck strap: x
Non-slip legs: x
Index error adjustment:
Dip adjustment: x
Memory foil:
Engraving: x
Pentagonal Prism: x
BSH type approval: x
Frame material: Brass
Measurement accuracy: +/-10“
Case: Light plastic case
Weight: 1,80 kg
Weight incl. case: 3,10 kg
Case dimension (mm): Light plastic case 350 x 270 x 165
  • Sextant
  • Light plastic case
  • Mirror adjustment key
  • Towl for cleaning optical parts
  • Brush
  • Operating instructions
  • Quality certificate