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Choose between one of the two cases:

  • Signal yellow Rough Case (waterproof, shockproof and floatable)
  • Wooden case with noble print outside and inside on the lid

The engraving is on a brass plate and not directly on the sextant frame

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  • Delivery time 14 Workdays


During fix star and planet observation the POLARIS shows its true strengths.

The unique clear-view-horizon-mirror combines all advantages of the full-view-mirror with those of the traditional split-view-mirror. In addition, it guarantees a wide field of vision and a precise view of the horizon even during poor visibility conditions. Yet another distinctive feature is the star-spreading glass (astigmatizing lens) which breaks a single point of light into a line, thus eliminating the need to swivel the sextant.

1) Seen through a full-view mirror

2) Seen through a split-view mirror

3&4) Tilting of the sextant

Furthermore, there are scales for a combined dip and index error adjustment on the drum screw. This index error adjustment on the sextant was developed by Bobby Schenk.

Indirect illumination on the arc as well as on the micrometer drum (vernier) allows for a glare-free reading at night.

Please note: The 6 x 30mm telescope as well as the artificial horizon do not fit together with the sextant in the Rough Case. Here we recommend the wooden case, in which an additional holder is attached.


More information:

Sextant frame

Horizon mirrors

Combined dip and index error adjustment

Construction of a sextant

Service & Repair

Technical Data

Colour: Black
Horizon mirror: Clear-view
Astigmatizing lens: With
POL filtre: Without
Double prism: Without
Index error adjustment: With
Dip adjustment: With
Engraving: With
BSH type approval: Without
Frame material: Brass

Scope of delivery

  • Sextant
  • Chosen case
  • Mirror key
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Brush
  • Manual
  • Quality certificate